Being a member offers a range of benefits. The greatest for sure is the fun and adventure you’ll have with other like-minded clubbies, enjoying our rad Surf Coast trails. But not only that, you’ll be contributing financially (and physically at working bees if you’re super keen) toward the ongoing maintenance of existing trail and hopefully the building of new trail. None of that happens by itself and we need a strong membership base to lobby for bigger and better trail infrastructure. And you’ll be able to purchase our super cool SCMTB kit!

Membership for all cycling clubs and for all cycling disciplines (MTB, BMX, Road, CX, etc) is via AusCycling. There’s different membership options depending upon what you’re after from individual to family memberships and from purely social to a racing beast. The different membership options can be found HERE. If you’re simply after a social membership, choose Lifestyle. If you’re after a racing membership, choose from either Race – Off Road or Race All Disciplines. You can even sign up for just one month.

There’s also the added bonus of insurance with your membership with the coverage dependent upon your membership category. Check out the insurance page of AusCycling. Please note that Race All Disciplines does NOT include insurance coverage for offload racing, only the Race – Off Road Covers that.

Already a member of another club?

That’s ok, you can become a member of as many clubs as you like. Our club funds go directly to our trail building kitty. Simply head to the Club Add On section of the AusCycling website.

Membership Options

There are more options available and if you want to try before you buy, there’s also 4 week free trial memberships available. Most memberships types include both a month to month & an annual subscription.


ADULTS: $154pa  ($134 AusCycling + $20 club fee)

JUNIORS: $81pa ($81 AusCycling + club fee waived).


ADULTS: $264pa ($244 AusCycling + $20 club fee)

JUNIORS*: $175pa ($175 AusCycling + club fee waived)


ADULTS: $380pa ($360 AusCycling + $20 club fee)

JUNIORS*: $175pa ($175 AusCycling + club fee waived)


AusCycling offer discounts for 2 or more family members living at the same address. Only for annual memberships and must sign up at the same time. See HERE for further details.

*13yo+. U’13 & U’8 significantly less.
** Race Off Road does NOT include insurance for road or track racing. Require Race All membership to cover that.