Surf Coast Mountain Bike Club (SCMTB) was formed in November 2018. The committee comprises of a number of passionate trail users (predominantly riders but also trail runners) who share a vision to further the quality and quantity of trails on the Surf Coast. Our primary goals reflect the origins of the club (see below), with our Mission Statement being: To act as a trail advocacy and maintenance group and to liaise with the various land managers in order to retain a varied and interesting trail network in the area. When and where permission is granted, we will endeavour to keep the network well maintained and sustainable for the enjoyment and safety of users. We will favourably promote MTB riding as a healthy, environmentally responsible pastime that carries significant local economic benefits.

Our secondary goals are determined by those active on the committee and will evolve over time. With a number of sub-committees, we aim to offer social rides and other social activities, to develop local events including races and skills sessions and to support our mountain biking youth and “dirt groms”.

The ongoing success of the club relies upon the support of the local trail users. Please visit the Membership area and consider joining the club. There are many membership options to suit all. If you’re interested in being involved behind the scenes, please contact us, we’d love to hear from you!

Formal Documents

Every club needs a few of these including minutes of committee meetings. If you’re keen to come to one of these meetings or to check these out, you can do so HERE.


SCMTB evolved from the Surf Coast Trail Group (SCTG) that formed in 2012 in response to a Parks Victoria audit of the extensive trail network that had evolved over time in the Eumeralla area of Anglesea. It was recognised that to avoid closure of much of this highly used and valued network, trail users (both riders and runners) would need a strong united voice and be well represented. Through this process, the Surf Coast Trail Group was formed and worked closely and developed productive relationships with the varied land managers in the area including Parks Victoria, DEWLP, Surf Coast Shire, Great Ocean Road Coast Committee, Alcoa and Eumeralla Scout Camp. It became apparent in early 2014 that the group required an “incorporated structure” to be better recognised by land managers, to provide insurance cover and to allow for grant applications to be sought. At that time, resources were limited and it was felt that it wasn’t yet the time to form our own club. Geelong Mountain Bike Club (GMBC) were very supportive of our goals and kindly allowed us to become a formal sub-committee.

As the GMBC-SCTG, some fantastic outcomes were achieved including:

  • Formalisation of the Eumeralla Track Network for mountain biking in late 2016.
  • Development of a formal Surf Coast Mountain Bike Trail Strategy Plan by World Trail to provide future direction and recommendations.
  • Recognition of the importance and demand for new mountain bike trails within the Anglesea Coal Mine precinct as part of the State Government’s Anglesea Futures framework.
  • Ongoing support for the Anglesea Bike Park to be retained in its present location.


Being a member offers a range of benefits. The greatest for sure is the fun and adventure you’ll have with other like-minded clubbies but not only that, you’ll be contributing to the maintenance of existing trails and hopefully the building of new ones.