MTB Trails

Welcome to the Surf Coast! There are plenty of fantastic trail experiences for riders of all ages and abilities. Like many locations, the Surf Coast contains an extensive network of both formal (sanctioned) and informal (unsanctioned) trails. See below for maps of the formal areas. Surf Coast Shire have also produced a free hard copy Surf Coast Ride Guide that’s available from local bike shops, the Anglesea Newsagency & Surf Coast Visitor information Centres. More information can be found at

At this stage, we’re not permitted by land managers to publish maps of informal trails nor undertake trail work on these. A number close to the Anglesea Bike Park are widely used and can be found on Trailforks, Strava & hard copy map at Bike Matters Torquay. We have advocated hard for a Surf Coast MTB Trail Strategy Plan. This is now underway and is expected to see many of these trails formalised once they’ve gone through the required assessment processes.

Working bees are held on the last Sunday of the month. See the bottom of this page for more information. If you can’t assist with working bees but would like to chip in, you can donate to our Trail Kitty to assist with much needed funds. This is set up through the Australian Sports Foundation and all donations are tax deductible.


Trail Conditions Update

Trail Advocacy

No advocacy, no trails!

The origins of our club lie in trail advocacy and given the high environmental sensitivity of the Surf Coast, this will remain an important part of our work. Over the past five years, we have developed close relationships with all of the various land managers in the area, particularly DEWLP and Parks Victoria. Surf Coast Shire have been very supportive of our lobbying for more trails on the Surf Coast.

Surf Coast MTB Trail Strategic Plan

In conjunction with Surf Coast Shire and World trail, we have been working on this plan for over two years. It is nearing completion and will help to guide the direction of our ongoing lobbying for trails, particularly those stemming from the Anglesea Futures process. Whilst it won’t guarantee any new trails, it’s an important part of the process moving forward for our ongoing advocacy.

Anglesea Futures

This State Government process resulted in the publication of a set of recommendations for the future use of a large number of areas in and around the Anglesea Coalmine Precinct. That document can be found HERE. Our feedback, supported by the many individual submissions of local riders, heavily influenced the final outcome such that the door remains open for future trails in many of the study areas.

In February 2019, we submitted a detailed response to Parks Victoria’s latest invitation for public feedback seeking the retention of all of the existing trails in Area 9 as well as the creation of new trails in that and adjacent areas. We will continue to work closely with DEWLP and Parks Vic in the years ahead as decisions are made about the land uses for other parts of the study area.

Working Bees

These are held on the last Sunday of every month. Most of the Surf Coast trails have been used for many years without any formal maintenance. Consequently, there’s plenty of areas in dire need of attention. Working bees are a fantastic way to support the club and meet local crew. We’d love to have as many riders as possible helping out and no skills or equipment are required. If you’re not already receiving the upcoming working bee notifications by email, please consider signing up. Simply drop us a line on our contact page.

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